Unique, the first collection in the NFT series (non-fungible tokens) created by Pablo Scuzzarello, is the digitization of oil paintings on canvas. These original works exist in the physical format; some have already sold, while others are still available.

As a disciple of the Argentine Master and creator of Essentialism, Heriberto Zorrilla, Pablo brings this style to life in his paintings.

No two are alike. While one could attempt to replicate the same colors, balance, or texture dynamics, the results would never be the same. It’s precisely their individual qualities that make each piece unique and original as whoever acquires it.  

This first edition of the series brings these paintings from the physical to the digital world without losing the magic that characterizes them. This collection highlights what distinguishes us as unique in the world, thus connecting our physical personality with our digital one. 

Unique, a collection created by Pablo Scuzzarello is available for purchase on Rarible.

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