More than simple paintings, they convey a kind of sensitivity that speaks to the soul.


Visual literacy, palpable texture, unique voice, and anonymity…


These are not reproductions, but unique works of art. While one could attempt to imitate the same dynamics of colors, balance, or texture from other paintings, the results are never the same. Their individual qualities are precisely what makes each piece one-of-a-kind, unique, and original like their author and to the individual who receives its message.

It’s more than just a painting; it’s an emotional connection.

Choosing a painting is not a simple task. From the cost, dedication, time and energy it takes to select the perfect piece, the work we select allows us to not only transform our environment, but also accent, illuminate, amplify, and give warmth to a room. The great variety of colors that accompany each canvas develop a narrative that becomes a part of the visual syntax. Its dynamic and interaction will communicate stories, transmit messages, which may draw one closer or push them away.  The act of perceiving this visual communication invokes engagement or disconnection, a fulfillment or lack, repetition or singularity. It will generate theories and emotions, as well as touch our psyche and prejudices.

My intention is to enhance the visual experience with texture and value.

Some will rehearse their interpretations of the unapologetic images, which create a visual commotion and frustration that leads you to ask, “What is it?” “What does it mean?” “What is its form?” Without even bothering to bridge other spheres of this iconic nature, such as dreams, memories, or playful moments, they lack interaction with the dancing colors. Naturally, there will always be accomplices in this observation, who will close their gaze before those unfortunate tones, shades, and contrasts. For them, the moment will go unnoticed, overlooked just like many times before.

Each canvas has a voice that speaks of us, of who we are, and of our personality. Depending on where it’s hung, it transmits a message, imprints a character, and gives a style to space; it will never be just a mere painting but will bring life to the environment. Summoning the sensory heritage of its observer, the sensuality of language beyond words, will touch anyone open to possibilities and experiences beyond just a glance.

It is for these reasons that I believe we should prioritize authentic work, which strives to enhance a sensory experience, to develop the “visually literate” instead of those who lean towards paintings created in the anonymity of a series where they will not incite the same sensitivities. Perhaps a replica will transmit something about the person who selects it because they are doing so from a place of conformity, albeit unwillingly, preventing them from embracing the originality in our nakedness. In the end, we’ll have to see if that’s what they want to convey or not.

It’s better to be something for a few, than nothing for many.

Pablo J. Scuzzarello

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